I am Said Oladejo-Lawal. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I live in Columbus Ohio with my wife and two children.

My dad was a contractor who specialized in painting and decorating houses. He exposed me to some intricacies of design and decoration. My dad would often regale the rest of the family with stories of how I would roll in paint whenever he took me to work. My father inspired me to paint. I started drawing from an early age. I made efforts to project senses out of stick figures and tried to express distinct sense of emotions when necessary.

I studied painting in Nigeria and graduated in 1995 from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology. I also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, United States of America in 2012.

My journey through art so far has taken me through many of the media available for use. I started with pencils, crayons, then oil and moved on to photography, watercolor, pastel and now acrylic. I always use my themes to explore the hidden part of our daily lives. I enjoy  expressing emotions and feelings since they are the essence of who are, even though we mostly think they are mundane. I like music, dance and the feelings associated with them.

My colors are fauvist in outlook. My presentation is often classified as that of an impressionist artist. I like to use bright colors to bring nostalgia and deep emotions out of anyone who encounters my paintings. I want people to walk away feeling deeply connected with each of my art pieces. I want every experience with my artwork to be worthwhile. I enjoy bringing abstract preoccupations such as music into visual prominence. Music is said to be a thing to be heard and I am adding colors to its exploration.

I am a member of the Worthington Area Art League and have exhibited with the league a couple of times. I am also a member of the Guild of Artists & Artisans and the Ohio Art League.

I have solo and group exhibitions throughout the year.  I also participate in various art festivals within and outside Columbus, Ohio.
Have a good time browsing this site as you see what is close to my heart.